I’ve always been interested in historic architectural restoration, so I began restoring the FEED STORE building in 2002. I eventually planted 1,000 trees, created walking paths, installed outdoor lighting and built an underground amphitheater stage in what is now THE PARK. The upper floors of the FEED STORE became residential apartments that minted the design elements of the original saw mill. FUll restoration of the historic building and the park was completed in 2007.

The FEED STORE project has been an affair of the heart. As an owner who understands the rural community of Westcliffe and the surrounding areas, my vision for the restaurant and the park has been realized…a local gathering place that fits the spirit of the neighborhood by serving the community year round in a dual concept restaurant of casual and fine dining and offering quality entertainment and a place to enjoy family and friends.


In the early 1900’s the building was moved intact 11 miles south and became the local feed store until the early 1960’s. In 1978, newcomers to Westcliffe remodled the inside of the building and the FEED STORE became a restaurant and bar while the middle level remained empty.

The FEED STORE building was occupied by various businesses and organizations for several years before I arrived in the Wet Mountain Valley and purchased the vacant deteriorating building in 1986.

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